“Save natural resources”

What are natural resources?

Amazon forest

Amazon Forest

Natural resources are all resources provided by nature or extracted from nature through a raw material For instance the metal aluminum is extracted from Bauxite, a raw material, found in many parts of the world. In this case the metal is a natural resource, which  is not readily available, but need some prior processing.

So what are natural resources you may ask. Well we waterknow a couple right quick, like soils, waters, air or wind, sun, forests, minerals, ores, metals, oils, wildlife, in general flora and fauna, and please do not forget humans.

Why should we save natural resources?

To answer this question we should make a remark about all the natural resources, distinguished as replaceable and non replaceable. Although this are relative terms, normally we mean by replaceable, within a reasonable time frame compared to the life span of us humans.

Of special concern are ofcourse the non replaceable  resources such as fuel oils, metal ores, waters especially those used for human consumption, and those resources influencing others. To give an example of the latter,……..depleting forests will lead to global warming, causing other resources to deplete or extinguish, wild fauna and flora and ultimately even mankind.

What should be done? 

Establish rules to strike a balance to maintain, what we have and provide those resources to the most vulnerable products of nature. This of course is easier said then done. In my humble opinion, we must form research groups with the support of as many nations as is practically feasible and provide honest education, through media, about the present situation and what should be done to accomplish the goal, balancing the interaction of important resources, avoid the untamed use of non replaceable resources, maintain levels of replaceable resources, reforesting on a  meaningful scale. Keep the forest clean, do not transplant species which do not belong in foreign areas. The tropical regions of the Americas consist of heterogeneous forests, do not introduce plant species from other continents and most certainly not on a large scale as a mono culture. See the problems with pests in Eucalyptus planted as a mono culture in other continents. The same goes for what ever other species, which may cause the extinction of that specie or that of indigenous species as a result.

Immediate results can be obtained.

To save natural resources, should be a task of all inhabitants of the world. We can do this by eating less meat, which will cause less forests to be slashed down to convert into pasture. Less contamination through diminishing of live stock to a sustainable level.

Use the natural waste products of animal and agricultural farms to produce gas for the rural community and make the side organic product available to rehabilitate exhausted soils for farming. This will eliminate or at least reduce the emission of Methane gas, which is the second most important green house gas and 23 times more aggressive than Carbon Dioxide.

recycling_allRecycle and reuse as much as practically possible to save the use of the raw materials and the enormous energy necessary to for instance produce metals, plastics etc. Make more use of reusables and further recyclables.

Separate the garbage to a level that there will be no need to use landfills, by reusing, recycling and converting the organic part into Methane gas. Recycle the fluorescent lamps, which are great to save energy, but after use we need to get rid of the toxic part, the mercury and other heavy metals. So also dispose detergents residues of cooking oils in a responsible matter. Demand those products with a biodegradable seal.

There could be summed up much more measurements, but the reason is a simple post, not yet an e-book. We love to receive your comments. We will come back with the use of alternatives to save energy.

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